How to write properly the electron configurations of elements?


when you Compress gas The Temperature will also increase While the volume will decrease

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C₂H₅ is alkyl and the mole ratio of the elements C and H is 2: 5

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Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons with all carbon bonds being single bonds

General formula:


A compound has an empirical formula of C₂H₅

The empirical formula is the smallest comparison of atoms of compound forming elements.

Also shows the mole ratio of the molecular elements

There are 2 things that might be shown from this empirical formula

1. The mole ratio of element C and element H is 2: 5

2. C₂H₅ is an alkyl, that is, an alkane that loses one H atom.

Formula : CnH2n + 1

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an alkane

an alkane or an alkene

some example of Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes


Given data :

n (amount of gas in moles) = 0.045 mol

V (volume)                           = 3.5 L

T (temperature in kelvin)  = 30 + 273.15 = 303.15 K

P (pressure)                         = ? unknown

This can be answered using Ideal Gas Law formula PV = nRT


We can simplify the formula using : P = nRT/V

P = nRT/V

P = 0.045 × 0.0821 ×303.15 / 3.5

P = 1.1199877 / 3.5

P = 0.32 atm

remember to used kelvin temperature every time you are computing in any gas law problems.Cancel the following unit L, mol, and kelvin to derive with the correct unit of pressure (atm).

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