100kg fuel is known to consist of 8% CO2, 12% CO, 44% CH4, and 36% C8H16. The air used

to burn this amount of fuel was supplied with 45% excess of the theoretical amount. Determine
the complete composition of the combustion gases.​



Dumating si Ibarra kasama si Kapitan Tyago at pinakilala sa mga pari. Nagpakilala si Ibarra kay Damaso ngunit tinanggihan siya ng Padre. Nang nagsimula na ang hapunan, inanyayahan si Ibarra ng Tinyente na pumaroon muli kinabukasan upang magtanghalian . Tumanggi siya dahil uuwi na rin naman siya sa San Diego.


(Ang Hapunan

Si Juan Crisostomo Ibarra y Magsalin ay ang pagunahing tauhan sa nobela ni Jose Rizal na Noli Me Tangere. Siya ay isang binatang nakapag-aral sa Europa at nang bumalik ng Pilipinas ay nangarap na makapagpatayo ng paaralan sa bayan ng San Diego.


answer: d

explanation: d

menthane - fuels to power our vehicles
ethane - used in manufacturing products like plastic
propene - used for production of important chemicals like propylene oxide
butane - fuel in lighters,cooking and also for heating
pentane - organic solvents and cleaner
hexane - easily evaporated solvents and used as cleaning agent
heptane - used to dissolve an oil spot to show the previous presence of organic compound
octane - used to rate the quality of gasoline compound

these are the freezing points of the 3:

h2o =0 °cnacl =801 °chf =-83.6 °c

therefore, the highest freezing point between these 3 is the sodium chloride/nacl which freezing point is 801 °c.

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