How would vacuoles in plants serve as defense against animals that eat them?


Vacuoles have poisonous substances that is harmful to animals, so it serves to make plants too toxic to eat or discourage the animals.
Vacuoles contain poisonous substances that that serves as a defence against animals
They contain poison which is enough to pain the animal when it attempts to eat the plant
Some of them contain a poisonous substance that could either harm them or discourage an animal to eat that plant again.
Plants, unlike animals have no excretory system to remove chemical waste. Vacuoles provide a safe storage for these chemicals.
When plants are eaten these chemicals are released, it acts as a deterrent for some animals.
It is stated above that some plant vacuoles contain poisonous substances. Therefore animals can't eat them because they are harmful since they contain poisonous substances. It serves as a defense against animals since animals don't want to be poisoned that's why animals can't eat them.

Vacuoles store/excrete poisonous substances or wastes, so they can be used to make the plant too toxic to eat, or to discourage plant eaters or animals.
Some vacuoles in plant have poison that animals prevent from eating.

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