What is the objective of find the center


Hereditary is a situation where the possession is taken respectively by inheritance. however, Genetics in general is a branch of sciences dealing with genes. identifying genes is way to observed. lets take an example where hereditary are associated with genetics. DNA test is one of it, to determine the possession that can be inherited.

* A king is in a verge of death due to being too old enough. Suddenly there's a women outside saying the baby is the kings son by means. Using the genetic method to identify whether the child is the kings son or not.

The situation above is associated with genetics to determine the bloodline and the possession that the child can inherit.


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Activity 2:  measuring population density guide question 7. describe how a populations density can b
To determine its important so that we will keep it diligently. For an example, the organs of our body, the center of it is all we know the heart. and if it will be destructed or be vulnerable automatically an organism will lead to death. So that is the one of the reasons to find out where the center has been.  

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