Each part of an organ system plays a specific function. which the following structures does not match its function?
a. eyes: sight
b. kidneys: respiration
c. heart: circulation
d. stomach: digestion


All organs and systems plays an important function.

wheres the given in the question

D. Ears--respiration


Ears doesn't perform inhaling nor exhaling. It only helps us hear.

D. Ears - Respiration

Because ears are for hearing.. While lungs, is for respiration

D) Ears--respiration


Apparently, every organ here match its uses except for D. Eyes are used for seeing; the heart is used for blood circulation in the body; kidneys are used to filter the waste being excreted; but ear are used for hearing and not breathing/respiratory functions ^-^


Explanation: Because respiration is a Function of Lungs

B. Kidneys;respiration

The organ that is responsible for the respiration is the lungs. And the function of our kidney is maintaining overall fluid balance. regulating and filtering minerals from blood. filtering waste materials from food, medications, and toxic substances.














correct me if i'm wrong
D. kidneys:respiration
B. Kidneys:Respiration

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