If the tisues were injured or diseased, what will happen to the organ sytems ?


Video games are often seen as fun and exciting allowing the brain to think fast or carefully think of solutions in order to complete an objective giving the player a challenging but enjoyable experience.This means Eric enjoys school work very much and treats it as a set of objectives to reach a certain goal( or "quest" as you would refer to in a game)


Ang Clostridium botulinum ay isang uri ng bacteria na gram positive bacilli at nag bubuo ng spores. Itong mga bacteria na ito ay hindi nabubuhay sa presensya ng Oxygen o hangin. Nagsasanhi ito ng Botulism kung san ang mga nerves ng taong nainfect nito ay nadadamage at pwedeng magsanhi sa nakamamatay na komplikasyon dahil sa toxin na tinatawag na Botulism toxin.

The organ system is affected it might fail or disable

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