What happens when u put a soda on catepillar?


Energy flows in the ecosystem and animals through the Food Chain/Food Web.

General anesthesia enables loss of sensation as nerve signals interrupt the brain and the body when injected.


It is usually injected through an IV or directly before an operation. In most cases, it works even before you can count up to 5.  

You will only need anesthesia if your operation or procedure will last a few hours, if it will affect your breathing, done over a large area of your body, involves a major organ or if you could lose a lot of blood during the procedure.

A specialist called an anesthesiologist usually do the job. During surgery, the anesthesiologist checks and monitors your breathing, temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level and fluid levels.  

Through such machines they will also ensure that you stay asleep throughout the operation to avoid side effects later on.

The catepillar maninigas sya and it will die

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