What effect does high temperature have on radish germination hypothesis


the yellow flower is donimant


Our Mother Nature is slowly being destroyed by us, humans. However, we can still do something about it! Here are some of the things that will definitely help our nature.

Do the 4Rs!

Reduce the usage of materials that are harming Earth or hard to decompose like plastics and styrofoams.Reuse materials (if possible) to not increase the waste. Recycle materials that are hard to decompose like plastic cups recycled to be plastic chairs.Recover tools or any other things if damaged and if still possible. Don't throw it away just for little damage.

Protect and care for our land, water, and air!

Stop activities that contribute to the polluting of land, water, and air.Do alternatives that don't emit smokes and chemicals such as biking to go to places.Avoid throwing your trash everywhere.

Here are some others.

Do the proper waste management.Plant trees.Don't cut trees.Stop/Report illegal activities such as illegal logging and illegal mining.

Hope this helped!

The cells of the radish seeds will break due to extreme heat and will die.

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