Aside from chromosomes, what other factor may influence the expression of human sexuality?


Human Sexuality  

Human sexuality are words used to define the various ways in which an individual could express themselves sexually. It is an important way of expressing one's self, as well as the biological, physical, emotional and social behaviors of humans especially, in terms of sex.  

Human Sexuality influences

The following are some of the common factors that influence or affect an individual's expression of human sexuality:

Religious factors - religion plays an important role to a person. There are some religions who act harshly towards individuals who have a different gender preference

Social factors - LGBT community is still on their way of being accepted in a friendly environment

Cultural factors - various countries, especially Eastern countries, still have a hard time accepting the LGBT community. The reason is rooted deep within their cultures

Life stage - as older as the person gets, the more challenging it becomes for them to express themselves, especially, in sexual matters

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None, only the chromosome can decide human sexuality, specifically the X and Y chromosomes. But gender orientation is dictated by society.

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