What are the other benefits that people get from biology


You'll get to learn how life is formed, reproduce, and other living things
To know the non living things and living things.
There would be more awareness of how animals and plants interact with one another. We would learn that the cycle of nature must as much as possible never be destroyed since we may still need the environment for new scientific discoveries.
People knows the importance of living things. People knows the characteristics of life. People knows the scientific names of biological stuff. People get ideas that are applicable in real life. People knows how to care for their surroundings.
By studying Biology we will be get more new knowledge that we can use in our everyday life. Biology are very important because :
1. It helps us to know what are those kind of organisms that unfamiliar to us
2. It helps us be more aware because by this study we will known what are the inflammations and etc. complication 
Learning and understanding its concepts, processes, and methods. Knowing how and what life is. How does it start and how does it ends. Differences of each living things as well as their similarities. Their interaction to one another and how they function as a whole. Develops skills like hand-and-eye coordination and promotes critical analysis and thinking as well as formulating hypotheses.

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