These are organism attached on sand deposits?

A. Lithophile B. Phytophile
C. Argilophile D. Psamophile


You are what your body is, and in the same context you are what you eat. If your body is normal, you are probably eating healthy foods and exercising daily.


Sexual reproduction is a type of life cycle where generations alternate between cells with a single set of chromosomes (haploid) and cells with a double set of chromosomes.Sexual reproduction is by far the most common life cycle in eukaryotes, for example animals and plants.

Video games are often seen as fun and exciting allowing the brain to think fast or carefully think of solutions in order to complete an objective giving the player a challenging but enjoyable experience.This means Eric enjoys school work very much and treats it as a set of objectives to reach a certain goal( or "quest" as you would refer to in a game)


ya thats a lot better lol :P


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