My Baby pic fried doh

My Baby pic fried doh


The digestive system is basically a long hollow tube that is responsible for digesting food and absorbing nutrients. There are many similarities in the digestive system of animals and humans, depending on what class of the animal it is compared to the human.

In general, humans and most of the vertebrates have almost a similar structure of digestive system composed of the following:

mouth/oral cavity - the entry point of the food. This is where mechanical and partly a chemical digestion occurs (with the help of saliva)esophagus - this is a long, hollow, muscular tube that delivers the chewed food (bolus) to the stomach. The wave-like movement called peristalsis makes it possible for the food to be delivered carefully.stomach - this is where majority of the chemical digestion occurs. The gastric lining in the stomach bathes the bolus with acid and digestive enzymes. The stomach also churns to make sure that the food is properly exposed to the acid.liver - storage site of glycogen. The liver also detoxifies the body. It also produces bile which is helpful in digesting fats.gall bladder - stores excess bile from the liver.pancreas - produces insulin that controls blood sugar level.small intestine - absorption of nutrients occur in this organ. It is filled with structures villi and microvilli which increase the surface area for better absorption of water and nutrients.large intestine - final reabsorption of water and nutrients. The bacteria living in this organ is responsible for the synthesis of vitamin Drectum - temporary storage of fecesanus/cloaca - exit point of waste materials from digestion

That is the general plan of the digestive organs of most animals. As for other classes, some organs are present and some are absent. In other animals like cows, they have special compartments in their stomach which help digest their leafy diet. Another similarity is the existence of digestive enzymes. These are compounds that act as a catalyst to speed up the digestive process.

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Diffusion can occur across partialy permeable membranes, such as those surrounding cells. Therefore, diffusion is involved in the movement of important molecules into and out of cells. It is important for the uptake of substances needed by cells, and also the removal of waste products produced by the cells


Step by step explanation

Beverage- Ethyl alcohol

Food-Acetic acid

Antiseptic- Ethyl alcohol, acetic acid

Fuel- Gasoline, Ethyl alc., LPG, Kerosene

Cleaner- Acetone, kerosene


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