What is the raw material or starting poinfor creating anartworkon a cellphone


You can use a stylus or start by downloading an art/sketching app first.
The raw material for creating an artwork with a computer is your creativeness. That's where it begins, if you don't have any idea what to draw then you have to think or surf the internet to inspire you to make something or relax for a while and maybe it'll come to you.

If you're talking about the computer, you have to first familiarize the tools and the buttons of the application. If you want to draw more accurately, buy a graphic tablet and they are costly if you are wondering, but there are cheap ones if you're low on money.
Framework, because your artwork will probably not go well without proper planning.
For me you can create something creative out of a cellophane or food cellophane and a stick glue, by those materials you can create a beautiful recycled and creative artwork out of it.
At first you should create a plan on what artwork you will make. You can take pictures or landscape you like and edit some of it or enhance ones color. You can draw something that came from your mind and put together all your pictures with it.
Ang iyong pagmamalikhain.

the answer is PAINT :)

I belive it is paint.

By creating some symbols by your cellphone slashes

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