Do you appreciate a piece of modern art more if you have had it explained



Vincent Van Gogh


Yes because every art has its meaning

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Haiku is belong in Philippine Poetry because it is our heritage (pamana) from Japanese when they conquer our country. Most of the Filipinos that time make Haiku (5-7-5)...Read More
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is to make the deceased afterlife place pleasant...Read More
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answer: trueexplanation: it is true because we all know it duhhh...Read More
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, is more appealing than the revised one because the author's feelings and emotions are stronger and appear more powerful in the original works. Also, the original uses a local lan...Read More
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A. GUMUHIT - dahil hilig ko ang gumuhit nakakatutulog ito dahil sa kursong arkitekto kaylangan mong matutunan kung paano gumuhit . B. IMAHINASYON - Hilig ko ang mag isip ng mga ba...Read More
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answer:This is really innapropriate. You are thirteen years old. I know what us kids like. But toys like that is not for you. And also, why do you ask that kind of question here on...Read More
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