If you were to be given a choice to start a business between hat weaving, mat weaving and basketry what will you choose



Cagayan Valley is rich in folk arts and crafts. Its popular folk arts include the head gear worn by girls called vakul. The Gaddangs in Nueva Vizcaya are very good in their textile and crafts. Gaddang weavers are known for their bakwat, a belt used by mothers after giving birth.

Central luzon- Gaddangs-are weavers known for their bakwat of nueva viscaya

bakwat-a belt used by a mother after giving birth

canon making- were the historic town of bulacan is popular in making their own fire crackers

giant lantern- were pampanga i known and popular for it

Op art, also known as optical art, are optical illusions used to trick the eyes of the ones who see the artwork. It can be black and white but some use other colors for better effect.


probably all three because in some countries they are all equally important

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