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E. known as 'Maedeup' or called 'Dorae' or double
connection knot​


Some of the famous Neoclassical artists are:

Gino Severini

He was Italian painter with variety of media preference, including mosaics and fresco. He was also a prominent member of the Futuristic movement. He expressed neo-classic styles in his works such as the Dynamic Hieroglyphic of the Bal Tabarin, Visual Synthesis of the Idea: War.

Some of the famous Romanticism artists:

Francisco Goya

He became a famous painter when he was appointed to become a court painter to the Spanish crown because of the series of tapestry paintings that he created. He had been known because of his romanticism techniques by using intense, haunting themes in his paintings.

pwede po kayo magdrawing ng imagination nyo sa future generations



In Korea, decorative knotwork is known as maedeup (매듭), often called Korean knotwork or Korean knots. The origins of Maedeup date back to the Three Kingdoms of Korea in the first century CE. Maedeup articles were first used at religious ceremonies.[29] Inspired by Chinese knotwork, a wall painting found in Anak, Hwanghae Province, now in North Korea, dated 357 CE, indicates that the work was flourishing in silk at that time. Decorative cording was used on silk dresses, to ornament swords, to hang personal items from belts for the aristocracy, in rituals, where it continues now in contemporary wedding ceremonies. Korean knotwork is differentiated from Korean embroidery. Maedeup is still a commonly practiced traditional art, especially among the older generations.

The most basic knot in Maedeup is called the Dorae or double connection knot. The Dorae knot is used at the start and end of most knot projects. There are approximately 33 basic Korean knots which vary according to the region they come from.[29] The Bong Sool tassel is noteworthy as the most representative work familiar to Westerners, and often purchased as souvenirs for macramé-style wall-hangings.

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