Mga ibat ibang kasunduan ukol sa tiritoryo ng pilipinas


The  qin dynasty  (chinese:   秦朝;   pinyin:   qín cháo;   wade–giles:   ch'in2  ch'ao2) was the first  dynasty  of  imperial china, lasting from 221 to 206 bc. named for its heartland in  qin state(modern  gansu  and  shaanxi), the dynasty was founded by  qin shi huang, the first emperor of qin. the strength of the qin state was greatly increased by the  legalist  reforms of  shang yang  in the fourth century bc, during the  warring states period. in the mid and late third century bc, the qin state carried out a series of swift conquests, first ending the powerless  zhou dynasty, and eventually conquering the other six of the  seven warning states. its 15 years was the shortest major dynasty in chinese history, consisting of only two emperors, but inaugurated an imperial system that lasted, with interruption and adaptation, until 1912.
Buddhism is 4th largest religion in world and third largest in asia
Kasunduan washinston treaty between US and spain nov.7,1900

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