Since the 1970s, there has been conflict in Mindanao between the government and the MILF fighters. Different areas in Mindanao became battlefields of numerous encounters of the two forces.

You are a Muslim born and raised in Mindanao. You are a member of a commission tasked to resolve this issue in the Philippines. The goal is to create a proposal detailing and explaining how you would resolve this conflict.


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It takes a number of people, united with one goal, to defend their own land for obtaining its own peace and freedom.

The officials should start with the movement of persuading their people and giving them the reason why they have to stand up for their own right. The President and the government will give the MILF a large amount of money if they will surrender their firearms and leave their group.

Living a question to each citizen, how could war be the way to be heard if we are creating noise that even ourselves can't hear? What if the war caused deaths to their own citizens, in which the cure to a disease is trapped inside the mind of one of their victims?

If this question will linger on their minds, it will take an effect to their actions as time goes by. If this thought is clearly understood, Mindanao never be the same again.

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